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ICCO Global: Finalist
Digital and new media

Cena LEMUR: 2x awards
Social and websites

EFFIE award: 2nd place
Cultural marketing

We design campaigns to boost your business

We see public relations as an effective tool to meet your objectives: present a service, support a brand or promote products. Through superior media relations and consistent information handling, we are able to deliver maximum results. The strengths of our projects include:


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We design campaigns to be effective and resonate with the media and the public.

All-in-one solutions

We take care of your projects from A to Z. Everything is developed directly at our agency.

Diligence and attention to detail

We are committed to diligent processing of information and verifying facts. We are experts in presenting data.

Focus on the client

We focus on the needs of your brand and its story. We are well-versed in many disciplines and industries.

Reliability and credibility

We have strong and long-standing relationships with the media. We understand the journalists and are well acquainted with the media world.

Interconnection with PR and marketing

With the team of 30 professionals, we can incorporate social media, marketing and websites into your PR.

Price of public relations services

We design tailor-made campaigns and strategies. We start our cooperation by a personal meeting and analysing your needs. We set up the PR project budget in accordance with your goals, based on the scope and complexity of communication.

Media analysis
from 25 000 CZK
Sociální sítě pozadí
Public relations
from 55 000 CZK
Public relations pozadí
Communication campaign
from 90 000 CZK
Komunikační kampaň pozadí
PR 360
from 150 000 CZK
PR 360 pozadí

Case studies

We have experience with small, focused campaigns as well as long-term strategic communications. We compose reports, design PR campaigns and organise events. We are also engaged in media market analysis, media monitoring and designing PR strategies.



Why are our campaigns successful?

Why are our campaigns successful?

They are tailor-made

We listen to your needs and design the content, style and target audience of the communication. As a result, our campaigns have a consistent line and clear results.

They build on a strong team

Our experts specialise in specific industries and segments. We have an insight into the media scene, understand advertising and build good relationships with journalists.

They value information and facts

We know how to articulate your ideas and data in a way that appeals to journalists and the public. We believe that quality content delivers quality results.

They support your strategy

We design campaigns to meet your goals while working well within your marketing, business and brand strategies.

They connect success with results

We use transparent metrics, linked to billing, to measure the campaign results. We do not charge for failures.

They have a clear plan in case of a crisis

We can handle any changes and unexpected events. In the event of crisis, we are ready to respond quickly and responsibly.

“Together with the agency, we created a campaign within a few days whose reach in the media pleasantly surprised us. We appreciate prompt communication and the ability to respond immediately.”

Jiří Peroutka, DM drogerie markt

“ convinced us primarily with their conceptual approach, hight quality team of experts as well as the knowledge of our relatively specific field of industry.”

Alena Pudilová, EON energie

“For the agency – client connection to work, there has to be chemistry just like in any relationship. And with the Lesensky agency, we have been very successful in forming a partnership. The passion of the people, the professional and yet very human approach on both sides – this is a huge potential for long-term cooperation.”

Nela Matašaje, Direct Insurance Agency

“Kofola on tap and its diverse activities need a partner with a strong grip. We have found one (not only) for our campaign called ‘Love Has a 1000 Names’ – the agency.”

Marcela Vraná, Kofola

Our projects

PR campaign for HUTIRA
PR strategie for REPROMEDA
Brand launch for QUICK STOP CAR
PR for dm drogerie markt

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