Technické sítě Brno
Implementation time
16 months

PR strategy for Technické sítě Brno

We designed a PR strategy for Technické sítě Brno, thanks to which we expanded the municipal company’s media coverage and put it in the journalists’ crosshairs.


Technické sítě Brno

Technické sítě Brno (TSB) is a joint stock company owned by the regional capital. It manages the public lighting of Brno, comprising more than 41 thousand lighting points and festive lighting. However, the company is also active in other areas. It offers services in the field of IT and cyber security, manages Brno’s collectors and also offers outdoor advertising.

Client’s requirements and our role

The client has been most often associated in the public eye with public lighting. The task for our agency was to let people know through the media that the municipal company has a much bigger reach than what is apparent at a glance.

Communication was to be directed not only to education in the field of public lighting, but also on topics related to IT, Brno infrastructure or outdoor advertising. To meet these goals, we chose a PR campaign and later also social media management and content marketing.


Project team:

  • PR & Media Director
    Martin Bořil
  • PR & Media Manager
    Martin Foral
  • Social Media Manager
    Daniel Zeman
Technické sítě Brno background
Technické sítě Brno background

Strategies: TSB is not just public lighting

After an analysis of the media image of the company and identifying trends, we decided to engage in our communication experts across all TSB departments. We divided the communication into four lines that follow the company’s activities.

The greatest emphasis was placed on the area of public lighting, IT and cybersecurity, which belong among the most media-attractive and thematically broad topics. As a complementary area we chose outdoor advertising and collectors. We planned the communication in two waves each month, with at least one topic concerning the primary area in every wave.

Technické sítě Brno wordcloud

Campaign: Data, experts and press trips

From the beginning, we set emphasis on expertise with the client. For topics related to lighting and IT and cybersecurity, we drew on the client’s many years of experience. We described trends, innovations and visions for the future and linked them to internal data. As other voices we used representatives of municipalities, as well as other independent experts. By doing so, we have significantly enhanced the attractiveness of the material for the media.

We continuously “lightened” the primary topics up with lifestyle texts. We introduced the journalists to the history of Brno collectors or interesting facts about the time machine. For example, the tour of the underground spaces under the streets of Brno was positively received by the editors and became an effective and frequently used tool in media relations.

Technické sítě Brno boxes Statistics, Experts, Lifestyle

From PR to social networks and content marketing

The first seven months of our cooperation were primarily devoted to building relationships with the media. We then followed up PR with social media management and content marketing. As part of the collaboration, we managed the content on Facebook and the blog on the client’s website.

While the client’s website was undergoing a redesign, we translated the experience into consulting on the new site design. For all online channels, we used themes from the media plan, making TSB’s communications more consistent, continuous and effective.

Technické sítě Brno social media examples

Results: 300 mentions and extended portfolio

During 16 months we have secured more than 300 media mentions. Information based on our data appeared in both national media (,,, ČT1 and and regional media (Právo, MF DNES, Deníky, Metro, Události Brno).

Thanks to the more specialized topics, we also attracted the attention of the media that focus on public administration or IT issues and cybersecurity. The range of topics on which TSB provides expert advicehas also expanded.

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