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Implementation time
120 days

PR 360 campaign Chytré Líchy

Chytré Líchy is a modern urban residential development project at the edge of the town of Židlochovice. The whole approach to the solution in terms of urbanism, technology and social aspect is unique in the Czech Republic, and it is supposed to serve as a role model for modern and sustainable housing.


Client’s request and our role

Our role was to help this project with its marketing and communication aspects. It was necessary to come up with its visual style and tools and communication channels to be used over the following 18-month period. These tasks included project website, PR and content and social media administration, including sponsored messages.

The goal of the campaign was to introduce the project to the general public and professionals. Our role was to minimise negative reactions within the public opinion in Židlochovice.

Project team

  • Strategy and coordination
    Alexandr Fiala
  • Public relations
    Martin Svoboda
  • Social media
    Daniel Zeman
  • Webdesign and design
    Ivan Kebeleš
  • Programming
    Jan Polzer
Chytré Líchy case study background
Chytré Líchy website header

Call: Project on a green field. Literally

The first stage of the project included research into residential development projects in the public and private sectors. Based on the outcomes from this research we came up with a new communication concept for Chytré Líchy.

The key element of this new approach was a complex, environmentally friendly basis in approach and design. This need to be different was then reflected in the campaign as a whole. Our communication was aimed at the general public as well as professional community, including public- and private-sector clients.

Challenge: Project on a green field. Literally.


Given the lower budget, we proposed for the campaign the synergy of visual identity, website, public relations and long-term communication on social media as a supporting tool.

Having combined these channels within our PR 360 strategy, we ensured regular promotion of the project within the target group.


Visual style & slogan

There were no sketches, architectonic studies or visual representations, only a powerful idea. In designing the visual element, we focused on “different approach” and perception. Our thinking was based on the fact that experts from all key areas are involved in the project.

We threw away any ideas referencing boring architecture and created a logo inspired by nature and alluding to the interaction of elements. The logo resembles a cell, but at the same time, it is a cluster and interaction of various natural and social elements. Supporting the logo, we came up with a Czech slogan První udržitelná městská čtvrť v ČR.

Visual style & claim


The website was the first visual element. The online presentation makes use of logo shapes. Its colour scheme alludes to the environmentally friendly tone of the entire project. Extra attention was paid to the contents and tonality.

The goal was to find the perfect balance between clarity and promotion of the project and the need to convey technical information.

Chytré Líchy website

Social media

Considering the frequency and professional support and supervision, we decide that the key communication process shall take place via the FB profile Centrum pasivního domu (CPD) which serves as the professional guarantor for the project. This allowed for interconnection with other topics and public awareness raising with regards to sustainable construction development.

Aside from organic promotion, we boosted the reach via sponsored posts with the target groups being Czechs interested in urban development, environmentally friendly living and sustainability. In total, we reached more than 200,000 people.

Social media posts

Public relations

Regarding the PR strategy, we had to deal with the fact that visual materials will be available for presentation more than one year after the launch of the project. We focused on two levels of communication: informative and educational. Our goal was to make sure that the general public is well informed about the new development project once the first visualisations are available.

In the first stage we had over 110 mentions in leading dailies (Hospodářské noviny, Právo, MF Dnes, Deník, E15), as well as key online media outlets (Seznam ZprávyLidovky.cz, iDnes.cz, iHned.cz) as well as professional media (Domo, Spektra, Dřevo & stavby, Střechy, fasády, izolace, Energie21, Domov, Chatař & chalupář, Development News).

In the second stage, we took advantage of the relevance and impact of visual materials and new information on the future look of the location. Media outlets found the recent development interesting – the results included a story on Czech Television, an article at Forbes.cz and mentions at CzechCrunch.czE15.cz and the Právo daily.

Public relations


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Media outputs

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