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Strategies & analysis

Marketing strategies are prepared based on in-depth analyses. We analyse the data, behaviour, and thinking of your customers and competitors. This allows us to propose activities that are actually effective.
Marketing analysis
Communication strategy
Marketing plan
Content strategy
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Public Relations

We know a thing or two when it comes to the topics, timing and tone of communication. We build relationships with journalists, influencers and experts. Our PR campaigns attract the attention of the general public as well as the media.
Media Relations
Media monitoring
Press events
Communication plan
Social media
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We create effective strategies and are masters of marketing tools. We will provide you with marketing either comprehensively, from A–Z, or as a professional partner working with your team.
Social media
Content marketing
Online marketing
Direct mailing
Graphic design
Marketing plan
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We can design small websites as well as massive e-shops. We pay thorough attention to UX, graphic layout, texts, programming and testing. Every detail of your website contributes to your marketing strategy.
Corporate website
Web audit
Web administration
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We work for a variety of prominent clients, providing them with comprehensive PR and marketing services. We only hand over the results of our work which have genuine effect and value. The price of our services is therefore transparently disclosed as part of our basic offer.

Strategies and analysis

  • Media analysis
    Evaluation of PR and media image. We will show you when, where, and how the media refer to you and your competitors. What you get is a comprehensive overview of references in the media and recommendations for improvement.
  • Marketing research
    Tailored tactical analysis. Research focused on a particular issue. It may be related to customer behaviour, the marketing processes of competitors, or the effectiveness of websites.
  • Marketing analysis
    Analysis of your presentation and marketing, and that of competitors. You will obtain detailed and in-depth data about your business segment and marketing. Personal consultations are included.
  • Marketing plan
    Strategic analysis and a 12-month plan. It includes a detailed analytical report, a recommended annual marketing plan for all communication channels, and a final workshop.

Public relations

  • Press release
    One-time PR service. It includes the preparation of the topic and the distribution of materials to the media. The service includes media monitoring.
  • Communication plan
    Evaluation of media image.Professional recommendations regarding the topics, tools, and language that will help you boost your brand. You will receive a comprehensive manual and report telling you how, what, and when to disclose to the media.
  • Media relations
    Regular monthly PR service vis-a-vis media. It includes the planning and preparation of topics, distribution of materials, and fostering relations with journalists. The service also includes a media monitoring service.
  • PR campaign
    A one-off campaign with a particular goal. We make use of the strategic tools of PR 360 and the power of our partner creative agency PR Gang. You will receive a campaign concept, realisation, and a final report.


  • Direct mailing
    Tailored newsletter campaign. It includes comprehensive laying out, texts, programming, and newsletter distribution.
  • Content marketing
    Full-service content management and administration. This can comprise a variety of tools, such as blog posts, a printed magazine, in-house newsletter or regular “news” updates.
  • Social media
    Regular monthly administration of Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. The service includes the creation and distribution of posts. Also included is basic community management and basic ads.
  • Marketing analysis
    Analysis of your presentation and marketing, and that of competitors. You will obtain detailed data about your business segment. We will prepare for you a tailored marketing plan; everything will be discussed at length during face-to-face meetings.


  • Website audit
    Thorough website analysis. You will receive recommendations regarding the creation/redesign of your website and a plan for its promotion. Included in the service is an audit of your website, target groups, and research into the competition.
  • Microsite
    Design and creation of a smaller website. We will take care of the initial analysis, project, website design, copywriting, programming, and links to basic marketing tools.
  • Corporate website
    Tailored corporate website. It comprises the creation of the website as a whole – from analysis, through design, to training in how to administer it. Our agency’s project manager will be at your disposal; you will also get consultation time and a superb website.
  • E-shop
    Fully-fledged e-commerce. This comprises a tailored e-shop, including links to payment gateways. It can be also linked to warehousing, invoicing, and marketing tools.

Graphic design

  • Design and DTP
    We provide a wide range of graphic services, from online graphics through to website design and DTP. The price quoted is per hour of graphic design work..
  • Publications and magazines
    Tailored magazine. It includes the preparation of content, layout, proofreading, DTP and prepress for a 20-page publication..
  • Logo design
    Tailored logo. This includes the sketch fee, versions, final version fine-tuning, and the preparation of the basic logo manual, including basic applications.
  • Brand identity
    Creation of a new brand and its style. It comprises a proposal for a new logo, visual identity, communication style, and the sum of all elements to be used in the brand manual.


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