Connecting PR and marketing

Connecting PR and marketing.

Connecting PR and marketing

We help companies build their brand and boost demand for their product.

All under one roof. With the same strategy

We combine marketing systematically and with passion. Our campaigns are your stories.

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PR 360°

Find out more about PR 360®

Our PR 360® concept embodies a synergy of the power of public relations and the effectiveness of online marketing. You will be able to reach customers, partners or media with 360-degree coverage via one agency and one budget.

PR 360 will boost awareness about your brand or product, and the demand for the product.

Nine years in the business and more than 300 products under our belt, we know that companies need tailored PR. We don’t use templates for campaigns. Every PR 360 strategy is unique – from the initial analysis to the selection of the most appropriate tools to the synergy and systematic management of campaigns.

Public relations

Public relations

The purpose of public relations is to build relations with the media and customers. Systematic management of media relations results in increased media presence, be it in audiovisual or print media.

Public relations boosts the value and strength of your brand.

The foundation stone of PR is media analysis and drafting a communication strategy. We shall present the strategy to you. Once approved, we shall get to work with the whole shabang – media monitoring, communication with media, press releases and events for the media.

Content marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing improves your company’s communication with the outside world. Attractive content will win you fans who will understand you and come back.

Content marketing will broaden your communication paradigm and, consequently, improve your relations with customers and business partners.

We begin with content analysis and proposing a strategy. Based on mutual discussions we shall fine-tune your current content in the online and offline world. You can expect regular ideas for new content and writing blog posts and articles as well as preparing the graphic content.

Social media

Social media

Social media is a powerful tool in PR and online marketing. It is well-suited for interaction with the current fans, employees or customers and other stakeholder groups as well as attracting new ones.

Social media will boost your brand and increase your sales.

It all starts with an analysis of your social media presence (e.g. Facebook and other platforms). Based on this analysis we shall come up with a plan regarding new content, administration and advertising. Should you decide to go forward with the plan, we will administer your profile and advertising on a regular basis.

Design and branding

Design and branding

Your visual style and brand should attract customers instantly. It says who you are and what you do.

A well-thought-out visual strategy and eye-catching logo translate into trust and increased sales.

We will start by reviewing your business and your brand thus far. Based on this analysis we shall recommend visual style changes or brand communication strategy adjustments. This can mean a brand new logo, a brand manual or comprehensive rebranding.

Online marketing

Online marketing

Online marketing increases the visibility of your company and your products. Thanks to well-planned campaigns your customers will find you easily, and it will be easier for you to convince them to choose you.

Online marketing will bring you new customers and increase your sales.

The campaigns we propose are based on thorough analyses. We will start by reviewing your website, social media and PPC strategy and compare them with those of your competitors. Based on this initial assessment, we shall choose the most suitable tools, strategies and budgets. Current campaigns are evaluated and optimised on a regular basis.



Your website showcases your brand and your products. A well-designed website is user friendly and efficient, as well as a good place to shop.

Your website introduces your company and boosts your sales.

First we need to find out why you need a new website and what the target group is. We will also assess the condition of the current website, as well as your competitors’ websites. Based on this initial analysis we shall propose the budget, time-frame and project. The follow-up stage includes UX, texts, layout and programming, and ultimately the rollout of your new website.

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We are

We are

We are a PR and marketing agency with a team heart. Our success on the market is grounded in enthusiasm, honest work and talented people.

We started with one desk and one chair in 2009. Now we are headquartered in a three-storey building with 20 armchairs. We have a branch in Prague and a partner office in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are fully committed to this business, from all perspectives. We are the only member of the Association of Public Relations Agencies (APRA). We educate students and professionals through our projects - PR Gang and PR Academy.

Our unique way of thinking is based on our long-term experience in PR. We started as skilled copywriters and, over time, we have built our business on proper relations with the media and the skillful use of words. Eventually we added marketing to our list. We came up with the PR 360® strategy – a concept which combines the tactical performance and flexibility of marketing with the strategic power of public relations. To us, campaigns are like a happily ever after story – we can do the writing, casting, telling and promoting, with our clients as the main characters.