We are Lesensky.cz

We are Lesensky.cz

We are an agency with a professional team. We are a team of people who like working and having fun together.

The Story of Lesensky.cz

In 2009 Petr Lesenský decided that he wanted his own PR company. And that’s how Lesensky.cz came to be. Its current success is based on professional relations with the media and the skilful use of information. Polished texts and skilful negotiations with the media eventually led to real results – with IKEA as the first major client, and later with Invia or E.ON. As the number of clients grew, so did our product portfolio. Today Lesensky.cz specialises in PR, strategic marketing and website design, with more than 300 completed projects.

We are Lesensky.cz. Our success did not come with large clients and jobs. It came with personalities, their ideas and enthusiasm. We are an agency with team spirit. Our success on the market is the result of hard work and talented people. We have PR folks, marketing people, graphic designers and website creators - all under one roof. We work on campaigns together; drawing on the experience of our specialists and our open workflow. Our work works because we are colleagues, friends and mates. Our strategies work because we talk, write and plan together. Our agency works because we've been on the same team since 2009.

2009 Lesoň
2009 Vizitky


  • We are a thought. Petr Lesenský knows a thing or two about the media and he has an idea. Something with PR, honest journalism and his name…
  • We are born and we are online. We register the domain lesensky.cz and create the website.
  • We meet offline. We print our first business cards and meet with journalists.
  • We earn money. At the end of 2009 we issue our first invoice.
  • We are hiring our first and most patient employee. Markéta Kohoutková joins the agency even though her CV spent a month in the spam folder.
  • We start meetings. The Plzeňský dvůr restaurant is the company’s unofficial office.
  • We invite journalists to the first press conference. On behalf of Student Agency we introduce them to RegioJet.
2010 Šumavská office
2010 Lesensky.cz logo
Lesensky.cz old website
Lesensky.cz expansion


  • There are four of us. A third and fourth employee are hired.
  • We open our first office. We have two desks at Šumavská 15. We tap on the kitchen and shared bathrooms .
  • We are excited. We start working for IKEA.
  • Expansion is here! We start working for clients in Slovakia.
  • We are a team. We have the first office Christmas party. Tequila is hired as our fifth employee.
Tomas Skolek Lesensky.cz
Brand identity Lesensky.cz old
Lesensky.cz expansion


  • We move into a bigger office. We can discuss PR over coffee in our very own canteen.
  • Tomáš Skolek is hired, an avid biker, journalist and  long-term director of our PR team.
  • We are swamped with work. We are doing the PR for Invia, and we cooperate with them to this day.
  • Budapest gyönyörű város! We are tearing down language barriers with our first jobs in Hungary.
  • We are maturing  and we know what we want. We say “no” to a major client for the very first time.
Roman Kucera Lesensky.cz old photo
Greeting card Lesensky.cz history


  • There are six of us. Our portfolio has 15 clients in it.
  • We hire Roman Kučera, musician, marketing expert and the current sales director of the agency.
  • It’s picture day. It is getting crowded in here, but it suits us. It takes two days to get the team into one room for a studio photo shoot.
  • We give lectures. First, at universities, but later at conferences, too.
  • We hire our new staffer. Monika Hořínková will be writing texts and little does she know that she will one day become the director of our Prague branch.
Veronika Duchonova old photo
Lesensky.cz team 2013
Lesensky.cz door sign
Lesensky.cz 2013 teambulding


  • We have matured. Our first year on the market as a limited liability company s. r. o.
  • We hire Veronika Duchoňová, a music fan and marketing expert, the current leader of our marketing team.
  • We have a bank as a client. Our agency’ PR services are requested by Sberbank.
  • We are raising the bar. During a teambuilding event all our employee climbed to a height of 30 metres .
  • Brno is talking about us. We are among the 250 best companies in Brno in the BRNO TOP 100 poll.
Lesensky.cz 2014 teambuilding
Lesensky.cz old office
Lesensky.cz team activities


  • There are eight of us. We are buying an “agency house” and moving into our own place.
  • We win our first major tender. We will be in charge of PR for E.ON, beating our biggest competitors so far.
  • We are far from bored. A new addition to our client portfolio: sexshop Růžový slon. Some members of the team are beside themselves with joy.
  • We are dipping our toes into marketing. We register PR 360® as our trademark. We know it is going to be big.
  • We take care of ourselves. The entire agency goes "spinning” regularly.
  • We spoil ourselves. Our Christmas office party includes a private limo ride.
Lesensky.cz at branch awards
Lesensky.cz 2015 teambuilding
Aqualand Magazine


  • There are ten of us. It is getting really crowded in here. We are adding a makeshift office under the staircase where a closet used to be.
  • We have some credibility. We become a member of the panel of judges at the Association of PR Agencies (APRA). We help when choosing the best Czech PR campaigns.
  • We enjoy marketing and we are good at it. We are expanding our service portfolio to include social media and online campaigns.
  • We cultivate competitiveness. We take part in the Vinařská 50 bicycle race, laying the foundation stone for a grand sporting tradition.
  • Looking back at our journalism days. We work on Aqualand Moravia’s magazine for visitors.
  • We're helping. We help SOS Vesničky with its PR and media relations.
Ivan Kebeles old photo
New Lesensky.cz address
New Lesensky.cz address
Lesensky.cz chillout area
PR Gang logo


  • There are fourteen of us. We move into a larger house (Štursova) next to the oldest brothel in Brno.
  • We hire our first graphic designer Ivan Kebeleš, an athlete and street artist, the current head of our graphic design department.
  • We have a creative “man cave”. We buy a table football table and paint our new chill-out zone.
  • We live culture and education. We are the PR agency for the Majáles festival, Utubering and the Summer School of Journalism.
  • We support the young and talented. We set up a student PR agency PR Gang.
Lesensky.cz 2017 team
Lesensky.cz 2017 team
Lesensky.cz 2017 christmas party


  • There are 21 of us. We now have the same number of marketing experts and PR people.
  • We are conquering Prague. We open our Prague branch in Impact Hub.
  • Clients keep coming. We are the PR agency for Marketing festival and we join the Regional Chamber of Commerce Brno.
  • We are the leader in our field. The executive board of APRA recommends us as a new member, the only non-Prague-based one of the association.
  • We have a reason to celebrate. We say goodbye to 2017 as superheroes at our Christmas office party.
New web Lesensky.cz
PR akademie logo
Lesensky.cz at APRA awards
Marketa Kohoutkova photo
Lesensky.cz expansion
Lesensky.cz Web top 100 Award


  • We are redesigning. A new year with a new logo and a new website.
  • We train. We are launching the PRakademie.cz project with workshops, training sessions and seminars.
  • We are victorious. Our Prezident 21 project wins the award “Česká cena za PR” in the category Political Communication.
  • We celebrate. Back after maternity leave and full of new ideas is Markéta Kohoutková.
  • Dzień dobry! We are working on PR projects and marketing campaigns for Poland. And it works!
  • A new award is in the house. WebTop100 has acknowledged our website as the second best in the country in the category Marketing Agencies.
Lesensky.cz 2019 team
Roman Kucera CEO Lesensky.cz
Michal Kubin marketing Lesensky.cz
APRA Network meeting
PR Network meeting
Lesensky.cz wins LEMUR
Alex Fiala joins Lesensky.cz
  • There are 20 of us. The Prague branch now has three people and there are seventeen of us in Brno.
  • We have a new CEO. Petr Lesenský is handing the position over to Roman Kučera. Petr is now focusing on new visions and projects; Roman is charged with running the agency.
  • Michal Kubín, an expert in branding and a guitar riff lover, is now in charge of the marketing team. We are saying goodbye to Veronika Duchoňová who is starting her maternity leave.
  • We have a representative in the management of APRA. Petr Lesenský is a member of its executive board.
  • We have gone global. We are joining the global network of professionals known as the Public Relations Network.
  • Alex Fiala, new Creative Director joins our marketing team.
  • We celebrate. Barbora Poláková’s campaign wins the LEMUR award in the “Digital&Social” category, silver EFFIE award and it is also shortlisted in ICCO Global Award.

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