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We are PR and marketing agency

In 2009 the PR agency Lesensky.cz was founded in Brno. Its success in the market was driven by enthusiasm, demonstrable results, and accomplished professionals.

We are fully committed to the field of communication, from every perspective. In our comprehensive concept known as PR 360®, we combine the tactical effectiveness of marketing with the strategic power of public relations. We specialise in PR, marketing, and web design. We have more than 500 successful projects under our belt. Our team comprises more than 30 professionals, working for clients at the Brno headquarters and our Prague branch, as well as with our representatives in Slovakia.

Our story

Petr Lesenský founder of Lesensky.cz
Visit cards Lesensky.cz

Foundation of Lesensky.cz

The PR agency Lesensky.cz is founded by Petr Lesenský. New website is launched and cooperation commences with first clients. Hired as the first employee, nine years later Markéta Kohoutková will become the company’s PR Director.

Despite the fact the team is yet to find an official office, its professional services are in high demand. The agency organises its first press conference for Student Agency and the launch of its RegioJet service.

Lesensky.cz logo 2010
WebsitesLesensky.cz 2010
Lesensky.cz expansion

The very first office and work for IKEA

The agency has four employees and moves into its first official office. Cooperation is established with IKEA, who are looking for help with media relations.

More and more clients and colleagues are streaming into company headquarters. Thanks to the strategic location of its headquarters in Brno, Lesensky.cz can expand and take on clients from Slovakia.

Websites Lesensky.cz 2011
Brand identity 2011
Lesensky.cz expansion to Hungary

10 clients and the Invia travel agency

The agency keeps growing and moves into new and bigger premises. In total, team is taking care of ten long-term clients. The company begins its cooperation with the travel agency Invia, and will look after their media relations for the next eight, beautiful years.

Lesensky.cz has its first jobs in the Hungarian market. The company polishes up and improves its service portfolio, and rejects a major client for the very first time.

PF Lesensky.cz 2012
Roman Kučera

New service (Marketing) and first lectures

The agency expands its portfolio to include marketing. Marketer Roman Kučera joins the agency. Seven years later he will become its COO. The team comprises six employees and one intern; the first teambuilding event is organised for them.

Experts working for the agency teach at universities for the first time and give lectures at conferences. The company is in charge of communication for fifteen clients.

Team Lesensky.cz 2013
Lesensky.cz new legal surroundings
Veronika Duchoňová joins Lesensky.cz

Growth in revenue and client portfolio

The company matures and transforms into a limited liability company. Veronika Duchoňová, marketer and future marketing director, joins the team. The agency is hired by Sberbank, its first major client from the banking sector.

We are among the 250 best companies in Brno according to the BRNO TOP 100 poll.

Team Lesensky.cz 2014
Spinning classes

Successful tender and cooperation with E.ON

The agency buys a building and moves into its own premises. The eight-member team wins its first major tender. We take charge of PR for E.ON, beating our strongest competitors so far.

As the company is increasingly offering a synergy of PR and marketing, it files an application for the PR 360® trademark. The expanding group of communication professionals is now large enough to book its own spinning sessions.

Lesensky.cz awards Asociace PR agentur (APRA)
Lesensky.cz magazine Aqualand Moravia
cycling teambuilding

Ten team members and NGO contacts

As a member of the panel at the Association of PR Agencies (APRA), Lesensky.cz acquires professional prominence, and assists in selecting the best PR campaigns in the Czech Republic. Social media and performance campaigns are added to the portfolio of marketing services.

The agency is responsible for the media image and magazines of Aqualand Moravia. PR for SOS Dětské vesničky becomes the first of many pro bono projects. Team of ten representing Lesensky.cz successfully completes the Vinařská padesátka cycling race.

Moving to agency villa
Ivan Kebeleš
PR Gang launch
Chillout zone

Foundation of the PR Gang and relocation

Company grows and purchases a three-storey villa. The team welcomes a new member, graphic designer Ivan Kebeleš, who will later become its Art Director. Lesensky.cz becomes the official media manager of Majáles and Utubering.

PR Gang is founded – a project whose aim is to connect university students and work on real-life projects. To let off steam during hard work, employees can now relax in the pool or new chill-out zone.

Lesensky.cz joins Asociace PR agentur (APRA)
Team Lesensky.cz 2017
Lesensky.cz at Marketing festival

Joining APRA and a Prague branch

The executive board of APRA recommends us as a new member, the only non-Prague-based outfit in the association. The first Prague branch is founded. The power balance within the team is level: there are as many marketers as PR managers.

New clients keep coming; the agency represents Marketing Festival. The company becomes a member and media partner of Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Lesensky.cz winning APRA award
brand redesign lesensky.cz
WebTop100 Awards ceremony
PR Academy launcg
Lesensky.cz expansion

Winning two awards in one year

Our Prezident 21 project wins the award “Česká cena za PR” in the category Political Communication. Our logo and website undergo redesign, and win the WebTop100 for the second best agency website in the country.

The agency launches its project entitled PR Academy, offering workshops, trainings, and seminars. A twenty-member team is looking after the PR and marketing of companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and now even in Poland.

Lesensky.cz joins Public Relations Network
Lesensky.cz gains Lemus award
Roman Kučera as the CEO

Going international

Our campaign for Barbora Poláková wins the LEMUR award in the Digital&Social category, and the silver EFFIE award, and makes the finals in the ICCO Global Award. Roman Kučera becomes the new CEO. Petr Lesenský leads internal projects and focuses on developing the PR segment on the executive board of APRA.

The agency becomes a member of the global Public Relations Network. The Prague branch now has three people. The marketing team successfully introduces new products: marketing analysis and comprehensive website creation services.

Lesensky.cz wins Honorary mention at Young Lions
DM new client
NGO work

A year of change and #marketingpomaha

dm drogerie becomes the agency’s new client. Our cooperation with the City of Brno expands. The agency’s team wins an Honorary Mention award at Young Lions. Petr Lesenský is a judge at the EFFIE awards in the PR category.

During the pandemic the agency helps – pro bono – the non-profit sector with the media promotion of crisis intervention issues; in total, through the #marketingpomaha project, the agency supports 30 entities and initiatives. Having just marked its fourth anniversary, our creative agency PR Gang celebrates its cooperation with all the colleges and universities in Brno.

Lemur award Lesensky.cz

New clients, projects and awards

We gain Kofola’s trust and proceed to take care of its media relations, celebrate five years of strategic cooperation with Green Ways, and create new expert teams for political marketing and marketing analyses.

Our PR Gang project grows and cooperates with Dopravní podnik města Brna (Brno Public Transport Authority). Our PR team wins silver at Young Lions. The marketing team launches our new website and wins the LEMUR award for it.

Milestones & awards

Through membership in professional organisations and participation in international competitions, we strive for long-term development and embrace healthy competition in the field. We are members of the Association of Public Relations Agencies (APRA) and the global Public Relations Network (PRN).

Our Prezident 21 project wins the award “Česká cena za PR” in the category Political Communication. Our media promotion of the campaign for Barbora Poláková wins the LEMUR award in the Digital&Social category, takes a silver EFFIE award, and makes the finals in the ICCO Global Award. Some achievements in the world of website design are also worth mentioning – our own website won the WebTop100 award for the second best agency website in the country.

In 2021 agency was awarded silver LEMUR award for its new websites as well as silver Young Lions award for young proffessional´s PR campaign.

Our team

Petr Lesenský

Founder & owner

For 7 years he was a journalist and he was also Editor-in-Chief at several magazines. He used his experience in the media when managing marketing and PR campaigns. He founded Lesensky.cz in 2009. Every day convinces him that he made the right decision. Within the agency, he focuses on key strategies and new business projects. As a member of the management of the Association of Public Relations Agencies (APRA), he plays a key role in developing and improving education in the field of Public Relations in the Czech Republic. He is also a member of Brno’s marketing council, and sits on the board of directors of a company managing sporting facilities in Brno; he is a futsal coach and manages an association of children’s tournaments.

Roman Kučera


He entered tertiary education at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno and left it as a graduate of the University of London. He has been in media, marketing, and PR for more than 15 years. As former editor-in-chief and the author of several bestsellers in the field of IT, he put to good use his media experience in managerial positions at IKEA and Home Credit. He has been with Lesensky.cz since 2012. First, he was head of the marketing department; then he took charge of new business activities, only to eventually become CEO of the entire agency. He lectures regularly at Masaryk University, Mendel University and Charles University in Prague. As the son of an opera singer and mechanical engineer, his genes have given him a love of music, art, computers, and science.

Markéta Kohoutková

Executive Director

She is a graduate of media studies, journalism and political science at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University. Before joining Lesensky.cz she was a media analyst with FTV Prima. She has been with Lesensky.cz since 2010. Today she is director of the PR department, looking after its development and overseeing the quality of services; she also takes care of VIP clients. She spends her spare time with her two young children. On a truly “free evening” she likes going to the movies or theatre.

Ivan Kebeleš

Art Director

A graduate in graphic design, his early professional experience included collaboration with a variety of studios in Brno and working freelance. His role at the agency consists in managing and developing the graphics department and long-term projects. In addition to creating visual identities, he specialises in website design. If he can turn off his computer, he enjoys sports. A former finalist of bike trial championships, today he competes in floorball tournaments.

Pavla Mudrochová Lesensky.cz

Pavla Mudrochová

Account Director

V PR začala pracovat v roce 2000, zejména v oblasti práva a bezpečnosti. Před příchodem do agentury Lesensky.cz působila čtyři roky na pozici ředitelky Asociace public relations. V minulosti vedla tiskový odbor Policejního prezidia, byla mluvčí policejního prezidenta a poradce náměstka ministra vnitra. Tvořila komunikační strategii důležitých policejních útvarů a kriminální služby. V agentuře je zodpovědná za projekty v oblasti veřejné správy, dotací a vzdělávání. V její gesci je rovněž péče o vztahy s klienty.

Markéta Faltysová

PR Consultant

She is a graduate of the College of International and Public Relations Prague. Before joining the agency she was a reporter. Having gained experience in media, she then transferred to the world of PR, where she’s been working for over a decade. She has lots of experience leading campaigns for FMCG clients. In 2018 she won a Česká cena za PR for a project in the non-profit category. Today she manages the Prague branch of Lesensky.cz. She devotes her free time to her daughter Anna, as well as exhibitions and the theatre. She loves travelling and food, and does not shy away from experimenting: while on her most recent holiday in Thailand, she tried crocodile meat.

Veronika Duchoňová

Brand Manager

She graduated from the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University. Her first job in PR was that of a reporter and social media coordinator for the Václav Havel Foundation Forum 2000. She found her calling in marketing when taking charge of media image of the conference Marketing Festival; she was also in charge of internal and external communication for the Fléda music club for two years. She has been with Lesensky.cz since 2013. Having started as PR Manager, she ultimately managed the marketing team, assuming control of service quality and VIP clients. Currently on maternity leave and taking care of her son, she still has time to manage the agency’s internal projects and curate its brand. Her spare time is filled with indie music, going to gigs, and discovering good wines.

Martin Svoboda

Senior PR Manager

Another graduate of the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University, he majored in journalism and political science (specialising in political marketing). He joined the agency in May 2017, having spent almost two years previously doing PR for Brno-based companies as part of the CentrumBrna.cz project. Other valuable experience was gained at the Brno bureau of the daily MF DNES. He is in charge of projects for clients in the home and living, retail, and food sectors. He relaxes with a good movie or in his kitchen. He likes the job so much he moved to a place just 400 steps away from the agency’s offices.

Michaela Kurtaničová

Senior Marketing Manager

Her first experience with clients was as account manager with Včeliště.cz; but she knows a good deal also from the client’s perspective – as former marketing coordinator for the fashion store Lovemusic. Here at Lesensky.cz, first she was in charge, for about a year, of content marketing and social media management for clients; currently she specialises in UX and website design, marketing analyses, and strategies. In her spare time she likes to score goals and get assists. And when she is not playing ice hockey, she likes to explore the beauty of the Czech countryside with her four-legged buddy.

Daniel Zeman

Marketing Specialist

Also a graduate of the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University, he majored in journalism. He was social media manager at the municipal office for the borough Brno-střed, a position he succeeded as head of marketing at Muzeum města Brna. After joining the agency in September 2018, he has become the resident social media expert. In his spare time he likes to read, watch movies, or write op-eds for Seznam Zprávy or A2larm. He also has written scripts for the comedy series Kapitán Říp.

Martin Foral

PR & Media Manager

Martin graduated in journalism and sociology at Masaryk University in Brno and is now continuing his studies with a focus on media industries and production. He gained experience in the field in the Brno editorial office of the Právo daily. He first entered the world of PR as an intern in our PR Gang project. At Lesensky.cz he helps with creating content for clients. He enjoys sports in his free time. Since childhood he has been playing football, which he also enjoys in front of a TV. Despite his fear of flying, he loves to travel and explore new places.

Daniel Dvořák

PR & Media Manager

He graduated in political marketing from Masaryk University before heading off to Prague to gain experience at the agency PR.Konektor. As he loves Moravia, and Brno in particular, he decided to return home after three years. He joined Lesensky.cz in June 2019, and today looks after clients in construction, the automotive industry and pharmaceuticals. He loves sport, and Liverpool FC holds a special place in his heart. He is also a miniature golf champion, having won several medals at European and world championships. For the time being, the sport he enjoys most is darts.

Tereza Ticháčková

Marketing Manager

By the time she graduated from Masaryk University, majoring in politics, she had already established herself as a writer and photographer for various online magazines; so it was not a surprise that, in 2015, she moved from politics to marketing for good. She has since worked mostly as content strategist, copywriter, and social media administrator. She has been with the agency since 2017, specialising mostly in content.

Jan Polzer

Web Development Director

A graduate of Nottingham Trent University, majoring in Business Management, he focuses on website design, programming, and training. Honza is among the leading Czech specialists in Drupal and CMS. He was the first person in the Czech Republic to be awarded an Acquia Certified Developer and Site Builder for Drupal. He also focuses on Drupal as a writer and lecturer – he has hundreds of lectures and several books on this topic under his belt. He has been cooperating with the agency since 2013 as a website creator. In his spare time he manages his own portal (Maxiorel) and enjoys travelling, boating, and studying massage techniques.

Petra Hanzlová

PR & Media Manager

She started off her career as a news reporter with the Brno bureau of MF DNES and the local daily Brněnský deník. Before going on maternity leave, she was also working as editor. In addition to nappy changing and feeding she wrote for Moravské hospodářství, the Best One agency, and Mendel University, etc. She then worked for another communication agency as PR Manager, before ultimately joining Lesensky.cz in March 2020. When not taming her two hyperactive daughters, she spends free time in the country, bouldering, or with a glass of wine.

Michaela Křivá

Project Manager

She attended a secondary technical school specialising in administration and logistics; immediately after leaving school she went to work in business, telecommunication sales, and banking. Then she went to Canada for a year, to explore its natural beauty and improve her English. Returning home she worked as a key account manager in a financial company. She has excellent organisational skills and an unshakably positive outlook, making her not just a great office manager, but a happiness manager, too. She is an avid athlete, and her competitive nature forces her to say “yes” to just about any sporting event. In her spare time she enjoys travelling or experimental cooking.

Hana Ucekajová

Content Specialist

Content Specialist A graduate of Palacký University Olomouc, majoring in Czech and English, later she studied the mysterious sounding “multimedia internet services” at a higher vocational school. She joined Lesensky.cz in the autumn of 2013, where her primary task is proofreading. As a copywriter, she can write just about anything. She is also a freelance translator. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, hiking, picking medicinal plants, painting, and handicrafts of all kinds.

Michal Kopecký

Graphic Designer

He attended the secondary school of art and management in Brno, specialising in graphic design. He began gaining valuable experience while still in school, and later as a freelancer – creating promotional materials, visual identities, ads, and websites for companies both big and small. In his spare time he enjoys technology, music and sport. In the past he played football, and was on a roster of the South Moravian Region’s team.


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