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We make analyses to put your business in the right direction

Data and surveys serve as an important source of information that can reveal the weaknesses and strengths of your business. We are specialists in analysing communication, PR, marketing, and auditing websites. Based on the data, we can design a successful communication plan or marketing strategy. Our strengths include:

We make analyses to put your business in the right direction

Efficiency and usability

We design projects to bring new data and perspectives. We create new impulses for your business.

All-in-one solutions

We take care of the projects from analysis through designing the strategy to its implementation. Everything is developed directly at our agency.

Diligence and experience

We pay attention to details, from the first meeting to the handover of the project. We offer 10 years of experience in many business sectors.

Focus on the client

We are focused on your needs. We respect your habits and can adapt to the specifics of your industry.

Reliability and transparency

We clearly define the phases of the project as well as its cost. And we meet the agreed deadlines.

Interconnection with PR and marketing

We have a team of 30 professionals. We are experts in all forms of communication.

Price of service

We make tailored analyses and strategies. Each of our projects is unique; we design dedicated methods, surveys and output formats to suit each client’s individual needs. We set up the project budget in accordance with the objectives, scope and complexity of the project.


Communication plan
from 80 000 CZK
Komunikační plán background
Marketing analysis
from 120 000 CZK
Marketingová analýza background
Marketing strategy
from 180 000 CZK
Marketingová strategie background
Brand 360
from 240 000 CZK
Brand background

Case studies

We have experience with narrowly focused analyses as well as with complex strategies. We survey the behaviour of customers and competitors, map the market, examine the strength of the brand or its attractiveness for employees. We design meaningful communication and marketing strategies based on the data, surveys, interviews and analyses. We help brands find their story and create opportunities for growth.



Why are our strategies successful?

Why are our strategies successful?

They are based on data

We are experts in analytical methods and data interpretation. We research, analyse, explore and investigate until we find the answer and the solution.

They provide clear guidance

We present the results at workshops and consultations. We explain our findings thoroughly and add a plan how to make the most of them.

They are focused on practical experience

We design projects that are feasible and in line with the objectives. We will advise you on how to get started and help you implement them.

They are made to work for you

We listen to your needs and seek answers to your questions. We tailor strategies according to your needs and formulate recommendations to match your capabilities.

They are developed at our agency

Analyses, surveys, mystery shopping, scenarios and strategies – all in one place. Owing to the interconnection of our team, we deliver a 100% complete project.

They are complex

We do PR, marketing, websites and brands. We are experts in all types of communication, which means that our strategies consistent and long-lasting.

Our projects

“I regard the cooperation with the agency as highly beneficial. The agency team was very professional. The brand manual has provided us with a clear framework for using the new brands along with specific guidance, examples and templates.”

Jan Jarolím, town mayor of Dvůr Králové nad Labem

“I appreciate the well-managed organisation as well as the perfect communication support. Cooperation with the agency is seamless, highly professional and high quality, too. Our partnership is long-term and I believe that together we will achieve all the goals we have set for ourselves.”

Marek Zukal, CEO at Quick Stop Car

“What I appreciate about working with Lesensky.cz is the great and prompt communication, excellent ideas and willingness to listen to the ideas and needs of our company as their customer.”

Richard Bednář, Head of Human Resources at Rieter

“We have chosen Lesensky.cz for their clear offer, design proposal and positive references. We went through the whole process as planned. We are highly satisfied with the result, both visually and technically. I am happy to have made the right choice and I am looking forward to developing the website further.”

Petr Přichystal, marketing manager at LOMAX

Our projects

Strategie a brand pro město Dvůr Králové nad Labem
Branding a naming analýza
Marketingová strategie
Marketingová strategie


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