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Implementation time
45 days

Czech market entry support for Quick Stop Car

We organised a launch event for a franchise network of automobile repair shops where we introduced the vision, plans and first steps of the company to dozens of investors, partners and journalists.


Quick Stop Car

Quick Stop Car is a network of franchise automobile repair shops which, in 2022, plans to open and operate 120 units; with the number expected to reach 400 by 2024. Clients of these service units can expect full modern service for ordinary automobiles and vans. The objective of Quick Stop Car is to offer motorists an alternative in the pricing range somewhere between authorised services and garages.

Client’s requirements and our role

The client contacted us with a request for help with the promotion of the launch of the project. Based on the analysis of the current situation we recommended starting with marketing consulting and PR activities. The starting project of the entire cooperation consisted in an event for journalists, investors and partners where they could see for themselves the features, equipment and appearance of the service unit.

Included in the launch project was the prompt creation of a website, modification of the original brand of the network and production of gifts and merchandising items.

Implementation team:

  • PR & Media manager:
    Daniel Dvořák
  • Project manager:
    Michaela Konečná, Michaela Kurtaničová
  • Graphic designer:
    Michal Kopecký
  • Development:
    Jan Polzer
  • Owner and Managing Director of the Quick Stop Car:
    Marek Zukal
Quick Stop Car background
Quick Stop Car website homepage

Initial conditions
& strategy

We started with a detailed analysis of the initial status of the project and its competitors. We recommended a combination of tools that would ensure, from the very start of the project, increased awareness and interest. Included in the launch strategy was a new logo, website and brand manual combined with intensive PR campaign.

We chose a launch event as the primary public relations element where guests could see for themselves that Quick Stop Car is a major project with ambitions beyond the Czech Republic. The goal of the event was to attract media attention and stir interest among potential investors and partners.

Initial conditions & strategy Quick Stop Car

Project challenges

Timing was the key challenge. From being awarded the job, we only had 45 days for preparation. Due to the need for a new visual identity, website, merchandising and communication strategy the project was considered “an express job”.

The preparations were also affected by the state of emergency and war in Ukraine. The event was scheduled to take place in the Congress Centre. However thirteen days before the event it was turned into a refugee centre and the event had to be rescheduled and planned all over.

We were looking for a new venue “last minute” in order to install the six-tonne servicing unit. We also had to change the invitations, contact vendors and guests and reroute the delivery of the service unit to the venue.

Challenges of the Quick Stop Car project

Website, identity and merchandise

In order to be able to present the brand it all of its glory, we prepared brand and website presentation as an express project. These elements were of key importance with respect to the credibility and brand recognition, and they had to be done even before the launch event.

Before the day of the event, the online presentation, business cards, roll-ups, self-adhesive graphic design elements of the service unit, fact sheets and gifts for journalists and partners were prepared.

Web, identita a merchandise Quick Stop Car

Launch event

Within 24 hours of cancellation of the Congress Centre as the venue for the event we managed to secure a new venue where the service unit was installed.

Almost fifty guests attended the event hosted by Petr Švancara. Following the opening toast, CEO Marek Zukal introduced the project. It was followed by a guided tour of the service unit and discussion with journalists and partners.

The module was very well received, and the brand attracted the necessary attention. Guests engaged in the discussion were most interested in the servicing concept, the organisational aspect of the franchise, as well as the actual interest in the franchises and future expansion abroad. Some questions also focused on the locations of the service units.

Quick stop car launch event
Quick stop car launch event
Quick stop car launch event
Quick stop car launch event
Quick stop car launch event
Quick stop car launch event


In spite of the setbacks and changes the event was smooth and the client was very satisfied with it. Thanks to this event Marek Zukal met potential partners and investors and made contacts with more than fifteen journalists who gave a lot of space to his brand in their respective outlets.

The event resulted in 24 mentions in news media, car-oriented outlets as well as business media outlets. The introduction of Quick Stop Car on the Czech market was mentioned on idnes.cz, aktualne.cz and irozhlas.cz, as well as in Svět motorů or Reliant logistic news.

Výsledky eventu Quick Stop Car

Media mentions

Quick Stop Car mention media
Quick Stop Car mention media
Quick Stop Car mention media
Quick Stop Car mention media


Marek Zukal, Managing Director, Quick Stop Car


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