PR 360


The PR 360® concept combines the effect of public relations with the performance of marketing. It addresses customers, partners and the media in a 360° sweep – with one agency and one budget.

It is a strategic framework which, thanks to the integration of PR and marketing tools, helps companies raise awareness and demand for their products or services. The PR 360 concept was developed by the communication agency. The agency is the trademark holder and is only agency in the Czech Republic that applies the concept in practice.

PR 360 concept

Why did the concept arise?

The theory behind PR and marketing is vast and hard to grasp in practice. The concept, however, utilises current knowledge in these areas and, based on real-life experience, applies this knowledge on an everyday basis.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, companies, and communication agencies; anyone who needs to analyse, plan, execute, and evaluate marketing and PR activities within a clearly understandable system.

PR 360 principles

Linking marketing tools & topics

PR 360 uses multichannel communication as the fundamental principle for planning, executing and evaluating campaigns. Communication strategies based on this principle combine the appropriate marketing and public relations tools. Thanks to this approach, the strategy effectively targets potential and current customers wherever they may be, i.e. in the online or offline world.

Initial analysis & continuous optimisation

Initial analysis is a key part of the strategy, it determines and combines the most appropriate communication tools. Planning and execution follow. The results of campaigns are then systematically evaluated.

LESENSKY.CZ PR 360 principles
This delivers continuous optimisation – especially in terms of modifying content or topics, or changing the choice and budgeting of individual marketing tools. Having just one budget and one strategy, the client gets maximum performance out of all communication tools used.

PR 360 tools:

  1. Public relations
  2. Content marketing and SEO
  3. Online marketing
  4. Websites
  5. Social networks and media (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  6. Graphic design and branding

PR 360 in practice

PR 360 also emphasises the uniqueness of positioning products and the client’s situation. That is why every PR 360 strategy is a one-off – from the initial analysis and selection of the most appropriate tools, to the combination and systematic administration of campaigns. This strategy has been used, for example, in the following projects:

Campaign for Dětský Ječmen

We were responsible for the visual style, packaging design, and the whole marketing campaign for a new Green Ways product.

Grand opening of the Stromovka mall

The promotion of a new shopping centre in Prague was based on the combined effects of public relations, influencer marketing, and social media.


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