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Most of your potential clients are online every day. With online marketing you can get to know them better and it will be easier for you to reach them with your products or your company's story.

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis

With a keyword analysis you will find out which keywords people are using on Seznam or Google to look for services similar to yours. This analysis is a foundation stone in website optimisation for search engines. It will allow you to optimise your website so that it rates higher in search results. The results of this analysis will also allow you to get to know your clients more and give you tips in terms of content and advertising.

We will start by asking you why you need the analysis. Then we will decide whether to focus on SEO, content improvement, improving advertising or the architecture of your website. Using online tools, we shall retrieve and sort search queries. The result of this analysis is a list of relevant words including the frequency of these searches and recommendations as to how to work with them to make the website more appealing to users and search engines.

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis

If you want to move forward, you need to know where you are and how the world around you operates. Our marketing analysis will help you find your way in the world of business. It will contain a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your business strategy, potential communication channels and the activities of your competitors. Included in this document is our recommendation on how to utilise this knowledge in online and offline marketing.

The first step of the marketing analysis is a meeting where we will get to know your company and learn about the issues you experience in the area of marketing. We will then review your website, clients, PR and marketing and compare these aspects with those of your competitors. Based on the data collected we shall determine the most appropriate marketing tools and we shall link them in a comprehensive marketing strategy. The output of our work is a document and a workshop where we shall present our findings and our recommendations for a marketing plan along with a 12-month budget.

PPC campaigns and remarketing on Google

PPC campaigns and remarketing on Google

Well-planned Google campaigns will help you boost your brand and increase sales. We will plan performance-based campaigns so that they attract the relevant clients to your website in order to maximise profit with minimum investments. Campaigns can also be focused on brand awareness to let your clients know who you are and what you do.

We shall analyse your target audience and recommend potential customers and evaluate your goals. Once we have gotten to know you, we shall propose the most suitable PPC strategy. Then we shall prepare the necessary texts and graphic elements and ensure the proper settings of the campaign so that it generates profit or increases awareness about your company. We will monitor the campaigns on a regular basis and optimise them with regard to key words and market developments. At the end of each month we shall submit a report evaluating the results of the advertising schemes with proposals for the upcoming period.

PPC campaigns and remarketing on Seznam

PPC campaigns and  remarketing on Seznam

Just like PPC campaigns on Google, the campaigns on Seznam require expertise, professional know-how and familiarity with the potential target group. Our specialists will take care of the settings and optimisation of your advertising on Seznam. We will find relevant customers and direct them to your products and brand at Seznam.

We will start with an analysis of your audience and determine your potential customers along with an evaluation of your goals. Once we have gotten to know you, we shall propose the most suitable PPC strategy. Then we shall prepare the texts and catchy graphic elements and upload everything into the Sklik system so that the campaigns generate profit or increase awareness about your company. We will monitor the campaigns on a regular basis and optimise them with regard to key words and market developments. At the end of each month we shall submit a report evaluating the results of the advertising schemes with proposals for the upcoming period.

Facebook campaigns

Facebook campaigns

Almost 5 million Czechs use Facebook. This platform knows everything about its users and the data it collects is made available to advertisers. This allows us to target customers with specific interests or needs and effectively increase awareness about your services or brand. In the case of Facebook advertising, we take care of everything, from a strategy proposal to ad optimisation.

We will start by determining what you want to promote on Facebook. We shall also focus on your customers and what should be presented to them. Then we decide on the tone of the communication and prepare texts and graphic elements and then we upload the ads into the ad system. We shall monitor your regular or one-off campaigns to make sure they run smoothly. We also optimise the campaigns on a regular basis to make sure they are aimed at the correct audience and utilise the budget effectively. At the end of each month we submit a report with an overview of the campaigns and  proposals for the upcoming period.

Our approach to online marketing is systematic

Our cooperation is organised. We will get to know you through an analysis of your needs, goals and budget. Then we will propose the most suitable strategy and get to work. We will analyse the campaigns and their results on a regular basis and optimise them.

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  • Proposal
  • Execution
  • Optimisation
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We don’t feel bad about our prices

Tell us about your monthly budget and we will show you what services we can offer in online marketing. The prices are quoted for our services, i.e. administration and optimisation of campaigns; they do not include advertising credit.

CZK 3,000

The budget is too low, but we can give you good advice for free. You won’t get a campaign for this amount; but we can help you anyway. We teach PR and marketing at our PR Akademie. Make smart investments – into education and yourself.

CZK 15,000

For a slow start. This amount will get you the preparation and administration of a smaller campaign on Google, Sklik or Facebook. If you are new to marketing, this is the perfect test of the effectiveness of PPC advertising.

CZK 20,000

Analysis for a basic overview. With this budget, we can prepare a smaller keyword analysis.

CZK 30,000

Advertising the dual-combo way. This is the perfect budget for a combination of basic campaigns in the double packages of Google+Sklik or Google+Facebook.

CZK 50,000

Hit and sunk. With this kind of budget we can set sail with your ads on Facebook, Google and Seznam. You will attract a large part of the relevant customers who are online.

CZK 100,000

A strategy and plan for a bright future. This budget is sufficient for an in-depth marketing analysis and the resulting marketing tool plan and a budget for the entire year.

CZK 200,000

Amazing. You are aiming high with your campaigns. With this kind of budget we will be happy to supplement them with PR and advertising and connect them to a PR 360 strategy. For more information click here.


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