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Fifty percent of Czechs are active on social media on a regular basis, but only one-third of companies actually utilize their potential. Do not miss this opportunity. Let us help you approach your customers at the source.

Social media analysis

Social media analysis

If you have a profile on social media but are unsure about its effectiveness, let us analyse it. We will tell you how you are doing in terms of fan interaction, including a comparison of your profile with those of your competitors. You will learn about your strengths and weakness and you will get material allowing you to improve your social media use.

Based on a detailed review of your posts, “friend” comments and social media references we will find out whether the potential of this marketing channel has been used effectively. Also, we will take a look at the profiles and friends/fans of your competitors. The output, and a key document, is the final analysis filled with numbers and charts. It will also contain comments and recommendations regarding how to further improve your social media presence.

Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring

Thanks to social media monitoring you will find out how and where people talk about you on social media. Also, you will learn what emotions your brand is most associated with and which influencers actually talk about it most often. Regular monitoring will facilitate the evaluation and improvement of your activities in the area of PR and social media.

We will analyse social media to the minutest detail. We will find out who mentioned your brand, where and how, and what the reaction was. Based on the data collected, we shall prepare a document containing an overview of the references and charts. Regular monitoring will give you “the big picture” allowing you to evaluate a campaign, build your brand and plan your marketing budget.

Communication strategy

Communication strategy

For effective use of the social media you need to have a plan. It will ensure a uniform style for your texts and loyal fans. Our communication strategy will tell you how to work with social media. We will propose specific texts, style, topics and an agenda tailored to your brand.

We will start by collecting the data on your social media profile, posts, fans and their reactions. We will also compare your profile with those of your competitors. We will analyse, evaluate and process our findings in charts and tables. Our final communication strategy will contain a specific plan and recommendations for your social media profiles. The document will contain, among other things, tips on how to interact with fans. Included in the strategy is a content mix, i.e. suggestions with regard to topics, formats and the content of posts.

Social media administration

Social media administration

If you have to focus on your business, you probably don’t have time and ideas for administering your company’s Facebook and Instagram. We will be happy to do it for you and give it all the time, experience and skills it needs. Our social media administration services include everything from content plan to layout, from writing to publishing.

Every month we will submit a content plan. We will make sure that your profiles contain current information and that they look good and are user-friendly. We will write posts and have them translated into the language of the countries were you do business. Moreover, we will take care of your fans – passing their messages and talking to them. At the end of each month we shall submit a report containing detailed information on the activities on your profiles and the outcomes of our cooperation.

Advertising on social media

Advertising on social media

Ads on social media will increase awareness about your brand and win new users, clients or customers. Let us take care of your ad account; you will save time and, thanks to our experience and knowledge of the current trends, money too. Our services with respect to advertising include everything from the layout to regular optimisation to ensure the effectiveness of your advertising budgets.

Based on a thorough analysis of your goals, competitors and audience, we shall propose an ad campaign strategy. We will prepare the layout and texts and have everything set in the ad system. Once a campaign has been launched we shall monitor its performance and optimise it on a regular basis. At the end of each month you will receive a report containing an overview of ads and their effectiveness.

Our approach to social networks is systematic

Our cooperation is organised. We will get to know you through an analysis of your needs, goals and budget. Then we will propose the most suitable social media, strategy and content, and get to work. We evaluate and optimise the results on a regular basis for maximum effectiveness of social media.

  • Analysis
  • Proposal
  • Social media management
  • Optimisation
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We don’t feel bad about our prices

Tell us about your monthly budget and we will show you what services we can offer in online marketing.

CZK 3,000

The budget is too low, but we can give you good advice for free. You won’t get agency work for this amount; but we can help you anyway. We teach social media in our PR Akademie. Make smart investments – into education and yourself.

CZK 20,000

You will find out how you are doing. This amount will get you an analysis of social media serving as a strategic guideline for your decisions.

CZK 25,000

Basic care. This amount will get you the administration of social media profiles or Facebook and/or Instagram advertising.

CZK 38,000

Social media at full speed. The perfect budget for the comprehensive administration of your social media profile. We will take care of your profile and regular updates, including graphic elements and ads.

CZK 50,000

Like! All-inclusive profile administration. With this kind of budget you can go big on social media. This amount will get you the administration of one profile and ads, as well as regular monitoring and communication with fans.

CZK 100,000! likes this! With this kind of budget it would be a shame not to include other tools in addition to social media. Find out more about our PR 360 strategy to learn how we blend PR and marketing.


Are you in, or are you in?

Do you feel like social media is the right booster for your business? Let us know. We have dozens of projects under our belt, for small clients as well as large corporations. We are a well-oiled machine and we know full well that two heads work better than one. Now we are offering that experience to you.

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After nine years in the business and more than 300 projects we know that campaigns require an open mind. This is why we combine PR and marketing approaches within a complex strategy we call PR 360. Learn more about it here.

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