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Well-crafted texts will help your clients, partners and employees get to know you better.
They will find out more about your products, ideas and you in general.

Content strategy

Content strategy

Having a strategy pays off. If you want to give some meaning to your corporate communication, what you need is content strategy. A quality content strategy speaks volumes about your business and it can boost its promotion. We will be happy to draft a communication plan for you, one that will tell everyone who you are, what you do and how important it is.

We will start by analysing the current situation. We will get to know you, your products and customers. We will also focus on your competitors. Then we will propose a content strategy that takes into consideration all the relevant communication channels. The aim of our analysis and recommendation is to ensure that your communication is understandable for you and your clients alike. In the end you will get a comprehensive guide as to when, where and how to communicate about your company and your services.

Corporate magazine

Corporate magazine

A corporate magazine is an excellent way of giving people something extra. Based on your needs, we prepare a corporate magazine and other printed materials, from layout and texts to publication and printing. We shall take into consideration your company’s communication style, your business and its goals.

We can take care of the entire process from an analysis to delivery. We will come up with content, we will write texts and take care of proofs and graphic content, and let’s not forget the production and promotion. We know that magazines have to entertain, educate and sell. And they have to speak your language, too. We will provide everything you need, just the way you need it.

Copywriting and SEO

Copywriting and SEO

Talking the talk is everything. A well-written text is concise, clear, a joy to read, and it reflects the SEO and marketing/PR needs. Which is why our copywriting methods take into consideration the attractiveness of the texts as well as keyword use and placement. In other words, we will be happy to write all kinds of texts for you.

In the case of large-scale projects, the first thing we do is make a basic keyword analysis. Based on the results of this analysis we write the texts with these results in mind according to the online use (website, corporate blog or e-book). Because we have many journalists on our team, our services can include press releases and magazine articles. Our marketing department can take care of claims, leaflets or catalogues.



Do you want to offer your clients, partners and employees something new? Publish and blog online. The Internet is the perfect place to write who you are and what you do. We will prepare one-off articles and series featuring interesting texts and catchy layout. Should you so wish, we can help you distribute and promote your articles. 

All you have to do is let us know what the ideas and goals for your e-zine are. We will take care of the rest – we will propose and process interesting content, write texts and come up with layout. We will publish the articles on the website for you and, should you be interested, we will design an entire promotional campaign that will help your content reach a larger audience.

Our approach to content marketing is systematic

Our cooperation is organised. We will get to know you through an analysis of your needs, goals and budget. We will then propose the best solution and get to work. We will hand over the finished product to you.

  • Analysis
  • Proposal
  • Execution
  • Handover
And we have satisfied clients
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We don’t feel bad about our prices

Tell us about your monthly budget and we will show you what services we can offer in content marketing.

CZK 3,000

The budget is too low, but we can give you good advice for free. You won’t get agency work for this amount; but we can help you anyway. We teach PR and marketing in our PR Akademie. Make smart investments – into education and yourself.

CZK 5,000

For small-scale jobs. This amount will get you professional consulting or basic copywriting – e.g. a blog article or a small leaflet complete with layout.

CZK 15,000

A good start. With this budget we can write a blog or a magazine for you on a long-term basis. Or we can prepare and mail one newsletter per month.

CZK 30,000

The Golden Mean. A perfect budget for a ten-page corporate magazine. Or for a combo of the long-term administration of your blog and a newsletter.

CZK 50,000

Smart budget for content marketing made from scratch. This amount will get you a content analysis allowing you to find our what to write, as well as how, when and why.

CZK 100,000

Really? If you are *this* serious about content marketing, it would make sense to combine it with other tools in a comprehensive strategy. We call it PR 360. Everything you need to know about it is here.


Are you in, or are you in?

Do you feel like content marketing is the right booster for your business? We have hundreds of projects under our belt, for small clients as well as large corporations. We are a well-oiled machine and we know full well that two heads work better than one. Now we are offering that experience to you.

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Content marketing

Content marketing is just the beginning

After nine years in the business and more than 300 projects, we know that campaigns require an open mind. This is why we combine PR and marketing approaches within a complex strategy we call PR 360. Learn more about it here.

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