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Public relations improve relations with the media, customers, partners and employees. Systematic management of media relations results in increased media presence, be it in audio-visual or print media.

Media analysis

Media analysis

If you need to know where, when and how the media refer to your company or brand, you need our media analysis. We will make a detailed review of your media image and evaluate your presence in newspapers, on the radio, TV and online media. This will give you a detailed summary of the PR performance of your brand and its strength, as well as a direct comparison with the media presence of your competitors.

We will start by reviewing your current PR activities. We will ask about your interaction with the media so far. The next step is an analysis of the actual output. We will systematically record any references to your brand and analyse the wording, context and tone of these references. This will give us “the big picture” of your media image, which we shall present in our final report. We can compare these results with those of your competitors, should you so wish.

Communication strategy

Communication strategy

With a communication strategy you will learn to put forward topics the general public and the media are interested in. Your press releases and materials for publication will have a uniform style and tone, showcasing the values of your brand. In addition to selecting the most suitable media to approach, we will tell you which PR topics should be addressed and how. This will land you on the front pages and evening news.

We will start by evaluating your media presence so far and make a detailed review of the press releases and other documents you send to the media. Based on the outcomes of this analysis we shall prepare a PR communication strategy. It will tell you how to improve the materials for the media, and who the best recipients would be to ensure the desired outcome. Plus, we will recommend an agenda-setting strategy for you, i.e. topics and issues to improve your image.

Media monitoring service

Media monitoring service

If you need to know when, where and how the media refer to you or your brand, you need our media monitoring service. We are able to present daily, weekly or monthly reports of these references from a variety of platforms (print, TV, radio stations, Internet). This will give you a clearer idea about the media image of your brand and the topics and emotions most associated with it. Based on these detailed references you will be able to change your PR strategy and improve your reactions with regard to crisis communication.

To better understand your activities vis-a-vis the media, we shall collect the materials for the media produced thus far and analyse your style of communication. Then we will decide about the frequency of the media monitoring service (daily, weekly, monthly). This service can also focus on your competitors, should you so wish. And then we will get to work. We will submit regular lists of references in print media, TV, radio or the Internet (online media). Each item of the report lists the date, name, source and a link to the relevant item.

PR in media

PR in media

Public relations is a tool that boosts your media presence (i.e. the media will mention you more often). More frequent and positive references in the media will increase awareness about your company and boost your brand image. We will be happy to help you get it going, including the topics covered and introducing the PR process to the media. We will take care of communications with media outlets, topics, press releases or events for the media. We will ensure the attention of journalists and space in the media.

Our efforts in this regard will be based on a media analysis. We will determine who you are and when, where and how the media referred to you in the past. The analysis will help you determine a suitable communication strategy. The schedule and agenda will be combined with a list of media outlets to focus on and their contact information. Then we will proceed with the PR service – we shall seek interesting topics and contact media outlets via press releases and other materials. We can also organise events for the media as well as other unusual events. At the end of each month we will submit an overview of references in print media, TV, radio and online media. Each item of the report lists the date, name, source and a link to the relevant item.



Your communication will be stronger with publicity and advertising. If you want to boost your brand and sales, then publicity is a good addition to PR. We will determine the most suitable media outlets for your print and online advertising, complete with a plan and materials (texts and graphic elements). Your ads will be eye-catching and visually appealing and they will generate new business.

We will start with an overview of your marketing activities and customers. We will learn more about your business which will allow us to pick the most suitable publicity channels. Then we will draw up an advertising plan and budget. Once approved, we will prepare the texts and graphic elements and then we will take care of execution/publication. We will be in charge of the entire process of communication with the media outlets and the final review of the ads.

Press conferences and events for the media

Press conferences

Sending press releases to the media is a good start that needs to be developed. If you want journalists to like you and pay attention to your agenda, you have to get their attention and take care of them. Press conferences and events for the media are the perfect opportunity to meet journalists in person and to convey the information you need them to have. We will be happy to plan and organise a press event that will get you to the media and their favour.

To prepare a press conference we first need to know its goals and key message. Then we will determine the media outlets to be invited, as well as the event's agenda and programme. After that, we need to book a venue, order catering and prepare texts and press kits. Finally we will invite the selected media outlets and make sure everything goes smoothly with the desired outcomes.

Our approach to public relations is systematic

Our cooperation is organised. We will get to know you through an analysis of your needs, goals and budget. Then we will propose the best topics and key media outlets and PR strategy, and get to work. We shall regularly evaluate and optimise the results of our cooperation for maximum efficiency.

  • Analysis
  • Proposal
  • Execution
  • Optimisation
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We don’t feel bad about our prices

Tell us about your monthly budget and we will show you what services we can offer in public relations.

CZK 3,000

The budget is too low, but we can give you good advice for free. You won’t get agency PR for this amount, but we can help you anyway. We teach PR and marketing in our PR Akademie. Make smart investments – into education and yourself.

CZK 5,000

A peephole into the world of the media. This amount will get you professional consulting or basic media monitoring.

CZK 20,000

Media mirror. With this budget we can look at your PR and media image. Our media analysis will help you see when, where and how the media refer to you.

CZK 30,000

Testing the territory. This budget is perfect for a smaller advertising campaign in the media. It includes a plan, texts and graphic elements for the ads.

CZK 40,000

You will get attention and coverage. This is a decent budget for preparing a communication strategy or basic monthly PR service.

CZK 120,000

It’s a deal! For this budget, we will take care of your A-to-Z public relations, including press events and occasional advertising.

CZK 200,000

You don’t have your own medium yet? If you are *this* serious about PR, it would make sense to combine it with other tools in a comprehensive strategy. We call it PR 360. Everything you need to know about it is here.


Are you in, or are you in?

Do you feel like PR is the right booster for your business? Let us know. We have hundreds of projects under our belt, for small clients as well as large corporations. We are a well-oiled machine and we know full well that two heads work better than one. Now we are offering that experience to you.

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Public relations

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After nine years in the business and more than 300 projects we know that campaigns require an open mind. This is why we combine PR and marketing approaches within a complex strategy we call PR 360. Learn more about it here.

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